Sunday, August 2, 2015

Craftsy is doing a drawing a day challenge for August

I've decided it's about time instead of just watching these things pass by wishing I'd participated, that I actually get off my butt and do so. Here's the link to the info page and then the prompts.

And here is my first drawing #AugustDrawingChallenge day 1, Grow. I figured the best representation would be be to start drawing one small thing and let it grow from there. First is was a bunny, then some dandelions (bunny's favorite) and then the background bits came. I used a combo of pencil, colored pencil, jelly roll stardust pens and one of the cheapy $1 pens from Micheals.
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Things I did last week

 I joined reddit after the fried I made this for posted and the pic had like 40k+ views in a couple of little heart swelled like a ballon.
 Took these cuties out for the their photo shoot so I can get the pattern up in my shop
 Snails are not the easiet of thing to put together
 I made this one on a walk to work, and subsequent breaks/lunch
 An idea I had for a way to illustrate a story of mine, we'll see where she goes. Making progress on the idea is tricky, I can't settle on the style.
 Another walk to work project, when he grows up he'll be an octopus.
 Skull pillow, with a pocket for herbs. Another request :)

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

I let myself get easily overwhelmed by this whole blogging thing. I'll want to post and think 'oh my pictures aren't as glossy as they could be' or that I have nothing interesting or at least interesting enough to stay. And then I go and see how much time has passed between post and I think that I need to do something big and wonderful to make up for the time lost, and then I panic thinking what can I do that's good enough.

So I'm just going to knock that crap off. Instead I'm just going to post when I have some pictures of the neat stuff I've been working on, or when I find something amusing or awesome.

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on just lately.

 Art doll currently in progress

 And another
 And another

 A new pattern, Little Doods, tiny people dolls that are quick, cute and easy to customize

 My coworkers as dolls, a gift for my boss on her retirement
Each one of these represents how much I can crochet while on my walk to/from work. Pretty neat.
 My crazy tiny hexi project. Those little boogers are only a half inch
 An octo-meleon, I'm hoping to make a whole range of octo cross breeds :D

 Deku Link in progress. A request from a friend.

 Some little heads that will hopefully turn into cute dragonflies

My Snail is getting her shell
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ticker Launch Story Time

So a couple of weeks ago my sister tagged me in a post on the Facebook. It was a post from the wonderfully talented Lisa Mantchev. She put out a call for artists and makers, she wanted to write some flash fiction and give her lovely characters from her new book Ticker, the chance to go holiday shopping through the various shops (made real in verbally gorgeous world of Bazalgate of course).

So I jumped on the chance, which was awesome cause sometimes I avoid those and regret it later. And now my shop will be featured in this amazing setting. Starting today and running until Dec 5th, new stories everyday. I literally squee inside with excitement and do a little wiggle every time I think about it...which is often, I may get committed soon.

And Then I read the book (mostly, still a wee bit left but I refuse to be interrupted every five minutes by the family so I keep having to wait). It's set in the future that never was, which is awesome because steampunk is where i want to runaway to instead of the circus. It's about a girl, feisty and headstrong (in a good way, girl kicks ass) who gets a brass heart a.k.a ticker. And then subsequent trial of her Dr. for the steps he took to make her that ticker. And then there's adventure and hijinks and all sorts of shenanigans. And that's all I'm going to tell you because I need to go and read the end of it so I can leave a review.

I highly suggest you grab Ticker first, but life on the edge is good too. So read the new stories and enjoy! Or pick up the Theatre Illuminata series. 
My story is tomorrow, and I have pages to finish because order and such. 
P.S. you can get a signed copy here.

Oh oh and there are giveaways, loads of them. Including a Kindle Paperwhite preloaded with that lovely bit of awesomeness that is Ticker.

Also one of these guys will be given away.
and free patterns woot! So go now, faster and bookmark this so you can find it easier. And now I promise my rambling is over for today.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Of Dragons and tiny things

 So I'm sure some of you remember my dragon project. Well it's been sitting in the closet pretty much since my last post about it. Partially do to boredom, that's a lot of satin stitch in those trees, but also because it just wasn't going in the direction I wanted it go.

So much satin stitching!

I wanted it to be similar to my shooting star embroidery, loads of layers colors and stitches. Of course with a needle felted body it disagreed with me and kept eating my stitches. So I tried to build up a base of accent beads to stitch around. It wasn't horrible, just not what I wanted. So this morning I had what I'm hoping will turn out to be a brilliant idea and ripped off all the beads and stitching (okay so i gently cut it out so as not to ruin the piece).
Also I don't love the background, it may get ripped out also or more likely just added to.
So with any luck I will have new, non ripped apart dragon pictures for you soon.

In other news I finally got into miniatures, the making of them since the love of them has always been there. I love it so much I was tempted for a short while to give up crochet all together...but who am I kidding, I will never be satisfied by just one crafty thing. Here's some of the tiny stuff I've made.

 The project that started it all, a matchbox swap with my sister.

 the hourglass is made of two gel cap halves hot glued together, then I took a hot needle and made a hole so sand could fall through it. You have to give it a bit of a wiggle but the sand will move.
 the ink bottle is a deformed bead with a toothpick cork. The tiny pencils are made from plant pieces and will write for a little bit at least.

 Hand dipped tiny candles, they don't have much burn time but it's fun to watch the little suckers go.

 Inspired by the tequila bottle my husband found me at the craft store. they still need painting
 Even tinier skulls, these are going to become plant parts for my witch room I'm working on.
 Tiny frogs and a lizard
 The drawer for the cuppboard.
 the interior, glossy paint does not photograph well
 Tiny bird skulls
 And even tinier mice
 This is my witch room. It's got a canopy and large bat rug now but I can't seem to located that picture.

Head and foot boards for some beds I'm making. I love making tiny furniture.
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