Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines free pattern

As Promised here is my heart for you :) The pattern that is, enjoy

Small Heart
Hook size G with medium weight yarn will give you a heart that's three inches

Curves (top) make 2

Foundation: Ch 2   SC 6 in second chain from hook

Row 1: *2SC in each* across

Row 2. *SC   2SC in next*

Row 3-4. SC across

Finish off

Joining curves

Place both curves together as shown in photo, SC through both curves 5 times

Row 1: Without finishing, SC all round both curves for a total of 28 stitches

 Row 2: *SC 5   2SCtog* across

Row 3: *SC 4   2SCtog* across

Row 4: SC across

Row 5. *SC 3   2SCtog* across

Row 6: *SC 2   2SCtog* across
Stuff very firmly, filling out the curves of the heart

SC all together

Hope you like it!

Plus you can make them into a very cute garland, to make a garland: Cut a length of yarn as long as you want the garland to be then add a third.

Ch 4   Slip stitch in first Ch made   SC 10 in loop created.

Ch 8  Finish off, thread through heart.

Picking yarn back up on opposite side of heart Ch 8 finish off and repeat for as many hearts as you want to add.

TO finish garland, Ch 12 Slip stitch in fourth Ch from hook and SC 10 in loop, finish off and tuck ends and you're ready to hang your garland
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  1. I love your crochet hearts! Thanks for looking at my blog. The Tin can star tutorial can be found at I posted it on Monday.

  2. Hi, I'm a beginner and i can't understand the instructions, can pls make a video on this tutorial, pls? ^.^

  3. I made this for my boyfriend and he loved it! <3 Thank you for the tutorial ^^

  4. Hello, i have a question.
    May i translate your free patterns, for my own website for (free) dutch patterns.

    Ofcourse i link to your originel patterns.

    Greetings Patricia