Friday, April 29, 2011

Make your princess a glittering star wand

Welcome all! Last week was my son's 4th birthday and in lieu of a party (which never go well for me) we planned a birthday adventure for him and his older sister. They got to dress up in royal attire and among other things, slay a dragon, capture snakes and defeat a forest of spiders.
(plus a photo scavenger hunt)

For my daughter we made a tutu and crown and to complete the outfit I made her a glittering star wand.

Mod Podge
1/4 dowel cut to length (or a knitting needle like I used)
hot glue
some tulle, ribbon, or yarn to wrap around the wand

Here's how:
First I searched all over to find a good 3D star template and found it here

 Then I used GIMP to shrink it so that I could get two of them onto one page.

I cut them out and folded them to make the shape

Then I glued them together. I used Mod Podge but I would recommend hot glue cause it slipped around when I set it down to dry. Also cut a notch big enough for your wand (I used a knitting needle, though I bought a dowel that never got cut for it)

Apply Mod Podge to the star, be generous with the glue or you'll have empty spots.

The party was is in  pink and blue (they boy's favorite colors) so I alternated the colors.
Put hot glue on the tip of the dowel (or knitting needle), you can paint the dowel first, and push into the tip of star through the notch you cut.

Make sure you add enough hot glue so this doesn't happen.

Dress up the wand with ribbon or tulle and present it to your happy princess.

Next I'll show you how I made Little Man super easy pillow case cape (which he still wears)

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