Sunday, June 21, 2015

I let myself get easily overwhelmed by this whole blogging thing. I'll want to post and think 'oh my pictures aren't as glossy as they could be' or that I have nothing interesting or at least interesting enough to stay. And then I go and see how much time has passed between post and I think that I need to do something big and wonderful to make up for the time lost, and then I panic thinking what can I do that's good enough.

So I'm just going to knock that crap off. Instead I'm just going to post when I have some pictures of the neat stuff I've been working on, or when I find something amusing or awesome.

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on just lately.

 Art doll currently in progress

 And another
 And another

 A new pattern, Little Doods, tiny people dolls that are quick, cute and easy to customize

 My coworkers as dolls, a gift for my boss on her retirement
Each one of these represents how much I can crochet while on my walk to/from work. Pretty neat.
 My crazy tiny hexi project. Those little boogers are only a half inch
 An octo-meleon, I'm hoping to make a whole range of octo cross breeds :D

 Deku Link in progress. A request from a friend.

 Some little heads that will hopefully turn into cute dragonflies

My Snail is getting her shell
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