Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cherry Garland free pattern

I've been doing Thing-a-day and if you've seen it then you know these cherries were my first post. And I promised a pattern when I got them into a vague garland assemblage. Well it's here! Okay so it isn't the most exciting thing ever, but it's cute, quick, easy and free.


Foundation: Ch 2   SC 6 in second Ch from hook
Row 1. *2SC in each* across
Row 2. *SC 1   2SC in next* across
Row 3-4. SC across
Row 5. *SC 1   2SCtog* across
Row 6. *2SCtog* across
Do not finish


Join green and 2SCtog across, this should leave you with 3 stitches. SC in around for 4-7 rows depending on how long you want it. I use the flat side of my hook and come up from under the loop, it's easier when working with such short rows.

Finish off one cherry and make the stem of the second, join it to the first with SC around both (you should have 6 stitches at the end of this step.
 Join with SS to first stitch of next row, Ch 7   SC in second Ch from hook   HDC   DC 3   SC join with SS to stem.

Finish off.

To make cherries of differing sizes I used different hooks F and H.

To make the garland, crochet several cherry pairs, Ch 15 join a cherry pair at the top of the stem and repeat to desired length. When you added your last cherry pair Ch 17 and finish off. (I always add two extra stitches when I finish a chain so that when you pull it tight to knot it, it's remains even with the pattern directions.)

2SC - Two single crochet in same stitch
2SCtog- Decrease over two stitches /SC two stitches together
HDC - Half double crochet
DC - Double crochet
SS - Slip stitch
Ch - Chain

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