Saturday, December 17, 2011

Foxiness and watercolor surprise

So remember how I sad my next post would have a fox? Well here is a dimly lit, slightly fuzzy picture of said fox.
  I haven't had a chance to write it up proper yet (filling Christmas orders has had me working overtime for a few weeks now). He'll be ready soon though I'm hoping to put out at least four new patterns in or before January. For the fox, the Duckie, my yeti playset, and for a super cute otter that's been mostly done for over a year now but for some reason never finished or shown.
(cheap watercolors from Micheal's)
Working these past few weeks has been difficult, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with fulfilling other people's needs that I lose a little bit of the spark that crocheting normally brings me. 
(Notebook paper is really not ideal for wet painting)
When that happens I pull back and work on other interests. Lately that has been watercolors. I normally hate to paint, at least with acrylics (to quick to dry for me) but I have been having a ton of fun with watercolors. 

    I bought a cheap set at Micheal's and started experimenting. Then I saw a thread someone had posted in a forum I visit from time to time, asking what you wanted for Christmas but knew you weren't getting.
(Splotch bunnies, I started after something I saw on pintrest and decided last minute that I wanted bunnies instead of birds, hence the derpitude of some of them)

 I mentioned a set of nice watercolors and a watercolor notebook. I knew I wouldn't get it because I had just started with the painting and hadn't mentioned to anyone how much I was enjoying it. 
(Work in progress, watercolor on fabric)

  But a certain sneaky person on the forums bought them and sent them to me for Christmas. I have been having a blast with these and I've only just started playing with them.
(Another work in progress, watercolor on fabric with needle felted letter, buds, and embroidered stem)

 So a HUGE thank you!!!!!!!!!!! to Laura Dissen, it is a wonderful gift and I can't tell just how good it felt to be thought of. <3


P.S. update on sad frog and elusive cross stitch pattern coming soon.
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