Monday, December 1, 2014

Ticker Launch Story Time

So a couple of weeks ago my sister tagged me in a post on the Facebook. It was a post from the wonderfully talented Lisa Mantchev. She put out a call for artists and makers, she wanted to write some flash fiction and give her lovely characters from her new book Ticker, the chance to go holiday shopping through the various shops (made real in verbally gorgeous world of Bazalgate of course).

So I jumped on the chance, which was awesome cause sometimes I avoid those and regret it later. And now my shop will be featured in this amazing setting. Starting today and running until Dec 5th, new stories everyday. I literally squee inside with excitement and do a little wiggle every time I think about it...which is often, I may get committed soon.

And Then I read the book (mostly, still a wee bit left but I refuse to be interrupted every five minutes by the family so I keep having to wait). It's set in the future that never was, which is awesome because steampunk is where i want to runaway to instead of the circus. It's about a girl, feisty and headstrong (in a good way, girl kicks ass) who gets a brass heart a.k.a ticker. And then subsequent trial of her Dr. for the steps he took to make her that ticker. And then there's adventure and hijinks and all sorts of shenanigans. And that's all I'm going to tell you because I need to go and read the end of it so I can leave a review.

I highly suggest you grab Ticker first, but life on the edge is good too. So read the new stories and enjoy! Or pick up the Theatre Illuminata series. 
My story is tomorrow, and I have pages to finish because order and such. 
P.S. you can get a signed copy here.

Oh oh and there are giveaways, loads of them. Including a Kindle Paperwhite preloaded with that lovely bit of awesomeness that is Ticker.

Also one of these guys will be given away.
and free patterns woot! So go now, faster and bookmark this so you can find it easier. And now I promise my rambling is over for today.

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