Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well damn...

It seems I have lost the pattern for my Crochet Hook Holder, I've turned my house upside down and still haven't come across it. So while I continue to lifting furniture and flogging myself for not putting somewhere I could find it again, please enjoy these embroidery patterns instead.

 download here

download here
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Almost May

Here's a look at what I've been up to this month and a sneak peak at your free pattern coming soon

I found these great swatches (looks like they used to be in a book) at the local Salvation Army around the same time I saw the square-a-day samplers floating about in cyber space. So I decided to combine the two minus the one square per day rule, mostly because I'm a bit compulsive at times :) 
I'm going to make a stitched 'book' of 4x4 square samplers inspired by days that make me happy. I've got four planned out and a few more in rough sketches. 

Take a look...

Also I finished a few commissions this month (made harder by the odd tingling in my pinky, any ideas?)

And I managed to whip up this Crochet hook holder which will be this month's free crochet pattern. (look for it around Tuesday-Wednesday)

And some of the goodies from our one and only thrift shop outing this month. {saving money can really be the pits sometimes}
This is the tiniest crochet hook I have ever seen, smaller than the one I tried to make myself using a broken needle. I can't make wait to make something ridiculously tiny with it
This is a combo latch hook/needle punch, which was an awesome find because I've been wanting to try needle punching but wasn't really interested in spending 20 bucks on a tool that may get used a handful of times.
The creepy doll is for my sister, cause she likes that sort of thing. The other two you will {most likely} see in future posts.

Till next week

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Better late than never

Okay so it's been a week longer than I meant for it be before posting again, but in my defense my daughter hung around for a week and then some longer than we were planning. Lots of fun for me not so much for my ability to get anything done. But she's gone back to Arizona and our daily routines are becoming a little more routine so here we go.

First we have this cute little guy (though at just under a foot tall I'm not sure little is the right word)

The pattern will be available shortly,all the testing is done I just to to make another to take the step by step photos.

The we have my debut embroidery pattern : Poppy

She'll be in my shop by the end of the week

And here's a sneak peak at a crazy project I've decided to take on

And once I locate a very sneaky photo, I'll have a yeti to introduce you too.

oh and before I forget there will be more free projects/patterns this month and on a more regular basis
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