Saturday, December 17, 2011

Foxiness and watercolor surprise

So remember how I sad my next post would have a fox? Well here is a dimly lit, slightly fuzzy picture of said fox.
  I haven't had a chance to write it up proper yet (filling Christmas orders has had me working overtime for a few weeks now). He'll be ready soon though I'm hoping to put out at least four new patterns in or before January. For the fox, the Duckie, my yeti playset, and for a super cute otter that's been mostly done for over a year now but for some reason never finished or shown.
(cheap watercolors from Micheal's)
Working these past few weeks has been difficult, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with fulfilling other people's needs that I lose a little bit of the spark that crocheting normally brings me. 
(Notebook paper is really not ideal for wet painting)
When that happens I pull back and work on other interests. Lately that has been watercolors. I normally hate to paint, at least with acrylics (to quick to dry for me) but I have been having a ton of fun with watercolors. 

    I bought a cheap set at Micheal's and started experimenting. Then I saw a thread someone had posted in a forum I visit from time to time, asking what you wanted for Christmas but knew you weren't getting.
(Splotch bunnies, I started after something I saw on pintrest and decided last minute that I wanted bunnies instead of birds, hence the derpitude of some of them)

 I mentioned a set of nice watercolors and a watercolor notebook. I knew I wouldn't get it because I had just started with the painting and hadn't mentioned to anyone how much I was enjoying it. 
(Work in progress, watercolor on fabric)

  But a certain sneaky person on the forums bought them and sent them to me for Christmas. I have been having a blast with these and I've only just started playing with them.
(Another work in progress, watercolor on fabric with needle felted letter, buds, and embroidered stem)

 So a HUGE thank you!!!!!!!!!!! to Laura Dissen, it is a wonderful gift and I can't tell just how good it felt to be thought of. <3


P.S. update on sad frog and elusive cross stitch pattern coming soon.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cozy Apples and Sad Frog update

These are the first two apple cozies I made.

I made the buttons out of shrink plastic. Next on the list are a jack 'o' lantern, an octopus and a monkey.

A few steps from Sad Frog's journey to awesome.

A secret pouch

All closed up

A new tummy.

And a quick look at some other stuff I finished recently.

Stay tuned, coming up next my newest fox pattern and a cross stitch freebie. (Plus maybe more progress on sad frog
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finding time

I started a new job a month ago and I love it I really do, but it makes finding time for my shop really hard. So I've been struggling to keep up and not fall behind. I manage just barely and I stress a lot, but what's life without a little stress right? I've managed to complete a few things (some still need finishing touches so I'll so those off later when they are 100% finished.) One of the things I finished I am super proud of. It was a request I came across on a forum I take part in. The requester wanted a giraffe hat, like this one    

I offered up services thinking I could make my giraffe into a hat. I wasn't sure I would like the outcome but I really wanted to try. Well it's finished and I LOVE IT!! here's my son modeling it.

(the fabric sticking out is a hankie so he can keep his head cooties to himself -not that he has bugs or anything)
It is so cute! and I can't wait to make some more (my son was a bit sad that he couldn't keep this one).

Also this week we went out thrift shopping for little man's Halloween out fit (last minute on Monday morning). While were out one of the thrift shops had a little sign that said "all toys free" as you can imagine there wasn't much left at that point but I managed to find a few goodies. I collect all sorts of toys/pieces, I like little things always have. One day I plan on taking a series of Ispy photos with all if or maybe get adventurous and try something along the lines of My Milk Toof (seriously awesome blog). But in the midst of all the bits and bobs was this sad looking little frog.

I'm going to give him a makeover and see if he doesn't perk up. Keep your eyes out, my next post will have a frog update and some cozies of a variety.
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Monday, October 10, 2011


So I want to do more free patterns or How To's on my blog but with me working a new job (SPCA, yay kittties!) And trying to keep of with my shop my creativity is coming in fits and starts. So if there is anything you'd like to see me do/try just leave a comment and I'll add it to my huge to-do list.

A few selections hovering near the top, A giraffe hat, A zelda key, some apple cozies and more Cupcake playsets like this one (but different)
(okay and at least one just like this)

I like big long to-do lists so feel free to add as many ideas as you want to.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bookmarks! and a free X stitch pattern

So I've been super busy lately, making new stuff and working on project outside the norm for me (I'll show you when it's done) And I got a part time job at the SPCA in my town, which is at least eight different kinds of awesome. I mean who wouldn't enjoying working somewhere were the there are free range kitties (allergics aside that is).

Here's a look at some of the stuff I've been working on
Embroidered Narwhal (I always want to add an e to that)
Sleepy Bear Face
And Skeleton Key (it's a skull face :)

Oh and just cause I love you all to pieces there's this 

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Monday, August 29, 2011

I made new things!

I told you I'd show when the were ready (and for once I actually did something in a timely manner). So here is what I've been working on lately. They are clay critters that will have a magnet or crocheted pin back added to it at the buyers request.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

New stuff and I'm not dead

Wow, I have to get into the habit of blogging more regularly. I keep thinking about it and planning stuff to post, and even getting pictures for some of the stuff I plan. Then life happens all at once and I forget what I was doing. It's not a fact about me that I enjoy but, I often remind myself of Professor Philip Brainard I even lose my pencil/hook/needle about twenty times a day (often in my hair).

So until I can figured out how to manage/remember things better I will not be promising any anythings for future posts. They will just have to be a surprise from now on. I have some new stuff in the works that I am very excited about but you can't see until it's all the done. Which will be tomorrow, so join me then and have a look at some of what's been keeping me occupied.

Oh and my baby girl starts second grade tomorrow. I'm so excited and so is she.
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Every day I'm shuffling

So I have been super amazing busy these past few weeks (I may need a bionic arm soon). But I have new patterns in my shop to show for it. Here are a few of my favorites.

And if I didn't have enough reason to love regretsy, it has brought this gem into my life

How can you not be happier after watching that? (If you want your own Dancing Dror video go here)

Oh and I almost forgot the offical list of accepted pattern names;

1. Luna > Dragon Pattern
2. Lucy Longneck > Giraffe pattern
3. Fluttering Butterfly > Butterfly pattern
4. Dangling Dragonfly > Dragonfly pattern
5. Schnitzel > Dachshund pattern
6. Fuzz > Dust Bunny pattern
7. Basil T. Koala > Koala pattern
8. Lovely Ladybug > Ladybug Pattern
9. Sunny Lion > Lion pattern
10. Marcel > Monkey pattern
11. Olive Octopi > Octopus pattern 
12. Ollie Owl > Owl pattern
13. Bella La Batty > Bat pattern
14. Cali Mari > Squid pattern 
15. Sy Clops > cyclops pattern 
16. Beakman > Toucan pattern
17. Tubs > Whale Pattern
18. Snow F. Lake > Yeti

Thank you all for your help I'd be stuck without you guys.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Captain, my Captain!

A few months back I joined at team on Etsy. I'd never even heard of them until reading about it on
That team was April's Army. Since then I witnessed, been part of, and recipient of so much generosity. Without the friendship and help I've received in recent months I wouldn't have the strength to keep fighting to get to a better place.

And now our hardworking and wonderfully supportive captain had found herself needing some help of her own.
So check out her shop, grab some great soap if you can. If you like me aren't in a place where you can shop now than share the link. Spread the word on Facebook, or Twitter, stumbleupon, google +, reddit, digg...I think you get the point. Help a wonderful lady anyway you can. I know that for a lot of we're one financial emergency away from doom, so lets rally around Mary and giver her what ever we can to help.

Here's a sampling of her awesome soaps.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Help me name my critters for the book

As you know I am lucky enough to have a pattern book coming out soon. But I need a little help naming the creatures made with the patterns. So I thought who better to ask than my readers? Below you'll find a picture of each creature, feel free to leave a name for as many or little as you like in the comment section.

1. Baby Dragon
2. Giraffe

3. Butterfly

4. Dragonfly

5. Dachshund

6. Dust Bunny

7. Koala

8. Ladybug

9. Little Lion

10. Monkey

11. Octopus

12. Sleepy Owl

13. Bat

14. Squid

15. Cyclops
This one already has a naame, Sy Clops, but other suggestions would be welcomed

16. Toucan

17. Whale

18. Yeti
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