Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nuptials and Streaming video

I know, I'm horrible at keeping up with this, hopefully things have settled to the point of getting back to my old routines. So good news, I'm getting married!! We got engaged on Halloween and are getting married on Halloween next year, we're going with the steampunk theme and trying to keep it as DIY as possible. I'll try to post stuff here as it gets done.

Until then, I'm taking a short break from crocheting. I got request both from a customer and from my daughter to make a unicorn 'no problem' I said rather cockily. That pattern kicked my ass! I fought with it for days and then some, I'm fairly certain it even gave me the flu. So I decided that when I finished the little bugger I would take a break from fiber before I started hating it. In the mean time I'm going to be working on some illustrations instead.

If you would like to see that in action you can go here I got a livestream account! you watch while I work on some of the printables I hope to be stocking in my shop soon

Here is a picture of the unicorn of doom

Enjoy! and hoefully I'll see you over at livestream
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