Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Slow Down, and Speed up

With the gorgeous weather we've been having I've been spending more of my time away from the internet, I apologized for the stuttering posts. But rest assured that I am working my sunburned little bum off. I've an idea in the works for a comic book/crochet pattern crossover and some new patterns floating around waiting to get made. And then there is the print shop I plan on opening on Etsy, just as soon as i figure out the best way to do that :) Until then, here's a sneak peak at the comic crossover.

Meet Flap jack. He joined the evil army of cute creatures two years ago, but thanks to an accident it sewing phase, he's still not potty trained. Flap jack only has 6 tentacles so he's not an octopus or a squid, please don't call him one ( he has a complex). Loyal as a dog and not quite as smart, Flap Jack is always fun to have around the house, but he's ruined more than one evil plan. We leave him at home now with a baby sitter.
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