Sunday, April 3, 2011


So my birthday is coming up in six days :) and I thought I give you guys a few presents to celebrate.
First up is the pattern for these cute little bunny appliqu├ęs.

I saw something similar; this to be exact

she found the pattern for these on a German forum, since I don't speak German I decided to make up my own version. I used scraps of yarn laying around and a G hook.

Ch - Chain
SC- Single crochet
DC- Double crochet
TRB- Treble crochet
SS- Slip stitch

Foundation: Ch 3 9DC in first third Ch from hook

Row 1. *2SC in each* across

Row 2. *HDC 1   2HDC in next* across

Row 3. Ch 1  {2TRB} twice   2DC   HDC   Ch 12 SS in next SC   Ch 12 SS in same space, turn

SC 12 in each loop SS to any loop on back side of bunny.


(The pink one I actually did  left handed, it was hard but fun 
and know I'm thinking about learning to crochet well with my left hand)

To make the mirror image work the pattern through Row 2. 
for Row 3. Ch 12 SS in next SC   Ch 12 SS in same space, turn
SC 12 in each loop SC  to next   HDC   2DC   {2TRB} twice   Ch 1   SS to body.

JWSC to body where you'd like the tail to go; 4DC   SC  finish

To make the bunting I chained 12 then put chains along the back of the bunny and one between the ears.
If they aren't laying flat for you, you can give them a quick iron (if your yarn will take it)

You can also give them some eyes, I wrapped some blue yarn around a TRB post twice and tied it off in the back, you could also glue on some google eyes.

These work up really quick, I managed to make few while rocking the fussy baby and waiting for our lunch to boil.
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  1. Great project and so cute! I look forward to making some.

  2. Poohzbr: yours will come out looking like the pink one since you're a lefty :)

  3. I cannot crocheted for the life of me. Kudos to you. I just forwarded this to my sister-in-law who would love to try these!

  4. What an adorable pattern! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  5. They're super cute! Thanks tons for adding these to the One Pretty Thing Flickr pool, I'll be linking.

  6. c' est super mignon j' adore bravo merci du pas a pas biz

  7. Just made a couple, so cute and so easy! Thank you!