Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Captain, my Captain!

A few months back I joined at team on Etsy. I'd never even heard of them until reading about it on
That team was April's Army. Since then I witnessed, been part of, and recipient of so much generosity. Without the friendship and help I've received in recent months I wouldn't have the strength to keep fighting to get to a better place.

And now our hardworking and wonderfully supportive captain had found herself needing some help of her own.
So check out her shop, grab some great soap if you can. If you like me aren't in a place where you can shop now than share the link. Spread the word on Facebook, or Twitter, stumbleupon, google +, reddit, digg...I think you get the point. Help a wonderful lady anyway you can. I know that for a lot of we're one financial emergency away from doom, so lets rally around Mary and giver her what ever we can to help.

Here's a sampling of her awesome soaps.

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