Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finding time

I started a new job a month ago and I love it I really do, but it makes finding time for my shop really hard. So I've been struggling to keep up and not fall behind. I manage just barely and I stress a lot, but what's life without a little stress right? I've managed to complete a few things (some still need finishing touches so I'll so those off later when they are 100% finished.) One of the things I finished I am super proud of. It was a request I came across on a forum I take part in. The requester wanted a giraffe hat, like this one    

I offered up services thinking I could make my giraffe into a hat. I wasn't sure I would like the outcome but I really wanted to try. Well it's finished and I LOVE IT!! here's my son modeling it.

(the fabric sticking out is a hankie so he can keep his head cooties to himself -not that he has bugs or anything)
It is so cute! and I can't wait to make some more (my son was a bit sad that he couldn't keep this one).

Also this week we went out thrift shopping for little man's Halloween out fit (last minute on Monday morning). While were out one of the thrift shops had a little sign that said "all toys free" as you can imagine there wasn't much left at that point but I managed to find a few goodies. I collect all sorts of toys/pieces, I like little things always have. One day I plan on taking a series of Ispy photos with all if or maybe get adventurous and try something along the lines of My Milk Toof (seriously awesome blog). But in the midst of all the bits and bobs was this sad looking little frog.

I'm going to give him a makeover and see if he doesn't perk up. Keep your eyes out, my next post will have a frog update and some cozies of a variety.
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