Thursday, November 28, 2013

of Slackers and Skulls

Maintaining a blog is clearly not my strong suit... but I'll keep trying.

Today I remembered that I ran a contest, well a raffle of sorts and forgot to pick a winner and hand out a prize. Pretty sure my brain went on vacation and forgot to the rest of me.

So here we are, I've picked the winner (random drawing) and contacted her. I'll post the finished skull once it's complete.

(oh yeah the prize was a custom sugar skull, like these)
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  1. That was a great post~

    I'm a huge voodoo fan, and I created a voodoo video, that I think is funny, but others are upset by it because of the corpses.

    Here is the link:

    Please let me know your opinion so I know what to do in regards to changing it or not.


  2. I purchased your Amurgami crochet book and am making the Toucan. It appears the last 2-3 pages of instructions are missing. What to do????

  3. Ok so I got your crochet book for Christmas and love the patterns. I really want to try the dragonfly in the two different colors but I am having trouble on when to change and in the copy of my book it is missing a row. I really want to do this pattern because it is so cute so can you please help?