Sunday, May 17, 2009

My newest goodies

Okay so I didn't post yesterday, in my defense it was too hot to do much of anything by the time I could get to my computer. Now without further ado...
First we have my giraffe tassle/tieback. I was thinking about baby stuff since I'm going to be an aunty in december. This is the first thing I made, and now it holds my curtains open cause its stinkin cute!

Then I made a purse, mostly at my daughter's insistence...Which come to think of it, is probably why it turned out so small. Still it's very cute and will hold the essentials, phone, id, keys, money. (by the way that's my 5 year old demonstrating the size)
And then because my son fell asleep on me and I couldn't get to any other yarn, I made this cute little guy. I Call him a truffle bunny, and I'm going to make a bunch more (someday) This one is a Strawberry Truffle.
So That's what I've been doing with myself lately, right now I'm working on two different market bags. I'll post when they more resemble bags than piles of yarn :)
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