Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing Septimus

Our newest Crab, he's quite a love and likes to walk in circles around your hand until you're both dizzy :)

And a real quick list of my current projects:

1. Re working all of my patterns (layouts, better photos make sure there aren't any errors, etc.)

2. I'm working up a yeti pattern

3. finishing touches on my first few embroidery patterns (three I think :)

4. packaging up my daughter's v-day care package (last minute I know, thankfully for a small fortune it can be overnighted to arrive only one day late)

5. crocheting up a little heart plushie for previously mentioned care package (pattern will be available for free here on V-day

6. dropping dead from exhaustion :)
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  1. What do you feed your crabs? I see them around the Jersey shore, but I have no idea what we would feed them if my kids brought them home.

  2. I feed them Shrimp pellets and algae wafers, and I plan on get some live ghost shrimp for them to catch

  3. Awwww cute! His big claw reminds me a bit of Hellboys big hand lol. Hope he settles in well.x