Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Some of my goodies from our thrift store outing this presidents day
I'm not sure why the crochet hooks have the curves but I had to get them anyway :)
Okay I know the plants aren't from any thrift store but we had to go to the co-op and I couldn't resist the bunny tails :) 

and lastly, here are some of the gifts my fiancee and I exchanged for V-day
The fiddlers were from him, the smart ass embroidery was from me :) {pattern available soon}
Tertius on the left and Primus on the right {in case you haven't just recently watched the movie or read the book Stardust, that's where I got the names for all of my Crabs [the other's are Ditchwater, Thorne, and Septimus]}
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