Saturday, April 24, 2010

Almost May

Here's a look at what I've been up to this month and a sneak peak at your free pattern coming soon

I found these great swatches (looks like they used to be in a book) at the local Salvation Army around the same time I saw the square-a-day samplers floating about in cyber space. So I decided to combine the two minus the one square per day rule, mostly because I'm a bit compulsive at times :) 
I'm going to make a stitched 'book' of 4x4 square samplers inspired by days that make me happy. I've got four planned out and a few more in rough sketches. 

Take a look...

Also I finished a few commissions this month (made harder by the odd tingling in my pinky, any ideas?)

And I managed to whip up this Crochet hook holder which will be this month's free crochet pattern. (look for it around Tuesday-Wednesday)

And some of the goodies from our one and only thrift shop outing this month. {saving money can really be the pits sometimes}
This is the tiniest crochet hook I have ever seen, smaller than the one I tried to make myself using a broken needle. I can't make wait to make something ridiculously tiny with it
This is a combo latch hook/needle punch, which was an awesome find because I've been wanting to try needle punching but wasn't really interested in spending 20 bucks on a tool that may get used a handful of times.
The creepy doll is for my sister, cause she likes that sort of thing. The other two you will {most likely} see in future posts.

Till next week

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