Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More new Patterns coming soon!! Sneak Peek

I know I said I show you my new goodies, but wedding prep and other work has kept me quite occupied these last few days. What I do have for you is a peek at my two newest creations and a redo of an old pattern.
Also I snagged a cute little desk at the salvation army for a dollar and gave it a face lift, which of course meant a much needed overhaul of my craft space.

Here's my very snuggly turtle, who makes a surprisingly good pillow.

And my favorite Halloween critter yet, my baby bat :)

And the redone Jellyfish Scarf. The scarf itself hasn't changed, but it's one of the first pattern's I've ever wrote and going back to it, it was rough. It'll be given a overhaul of more than just the photos like I was planning.

My new desk before:

And after:
I'll getting some cute knobs and probably refacing the drawers, but's the perfect size and totally worth the dollar.

And the new craft space
work still to be done

the plushies  I haven't managed to give away

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