Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding Goodies at the Thrift Store

As you may know my wedding is just around the corner, at the stroke of midnight between October 30 and 31st. Recently, thanks to the generosity of my family, I purchased some goodies for decorating the scene. :)
Take a look.
Bits that will be turned into my bouquet

An awesome reversible game-board that will be cleaned up and used as our guest book

Pretty Shiny bits that reflect candlelight quit nicely (did I mention that the ceremony will be outside?)

The checker board will be spray painted a metallic coppery color and used to displayed our mustache chocolate pops

and at last some pretty table clutter :)

We got some more pretties just yesterday, but I haven't gotten pictures yet probably tomorrow.

Enjoy and keep your eyes out for my super special project that I'll be sharing with you all soon.

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