Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finally married!!! Now back to the grindstone :)

So this weekend went great, not 100% what I pictured and agonized over but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I spent the two days prior to the big day with most of my family getting all the hoopla and froofery in order.

The whole thing was steampunk themed (or as close as we could get on a limited budget :)

my bouquet

my belt

We had Devil's food cupcakes with the most delicious Pumpkin pie frosting, and red velvet cupcakes with cocoa frosting.
 my Gramms helping making cupcakes

 handmade cupcake stands made with copper plates and vintage glass

 these were my favorites, sooooo tasty and pretty :)
My sister painted our lovely cake toppers.
 working hard
  they turned out great.

My chitlins looked fantastic
 posing with our toppers
  practicing her leaf tossing
  investigating his ring bearing contraption (it lit up so we could see the rings at night )

As did the rest of the wedding party.

We had the reception first, and the wedding followed at midnight.
 our fancy bits table, since the wedding was outside at night I wanted to show off all the pretty things I made for it, like the lanterns the girls used instead of bouquets and my husbands awesome top hat

 said awesome top hat, with the games we had set out for people to play

 my bouquet, sadly you can't how sparkly it was :)

 the lanterns/baskets/ and such with more games
  my cousin sporting an awesome chocolate mustache
  one of many jars holding said awesome mustaches
  some pretty bits

My family was amazing, without them the wedding would never have happened let alone gone so well. So thanks to them!! I love you all.

Oh and I plan on making a wedding album out of the bits of pretty that would otherwise have no other use, including parts of my outfit.

Until then back to work on the book, so nose back to the grindstone for me.

and and few more wedding shots...

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  1. very creative and lovely.CONGRATS!! thanks for sharing,Amy