Monday, November 15, 2010

How to tell when you've blog surfing too much

Last night and the night before I had the weirdest dreams abouts various non-existent but very pretty blogs. Must be all the surfing I've been doing lately :) Not that I should be, considering how much I have on my plate right now, but every now and then I just need a break. Especially considering that we just moved into a house that needs a lot of TLC, the baby is scheduled to arrive on the 21st of December and my book is due by February. Anyone want to trade places for a while?

Thankfully I have most of the book done, I just have to clean up a few patterns and crochet/photograph about a dozen or so plushies. A major setback to it all was Wal-Mart's inconsiderate discontinuation of Morning Glory stuffing. (I was able to find it for double the price at amazon, plus if you buy two at time it's free shipping) But all in all it's coming along nicely, though I was delusionaly thinking I could finish everything before the baby's arrival. Somehow I just don't think that's going to happen :)

On the house front I'm thrilled about our move, it's only a rental but we're hoping to someday talk our awesome landlords into selling it to us. It's the perfect size (though a second bathroom would be nice) and it's warm, unlike our last house which was so cold we had to have space heaters on directly in front of us while burrowing under blankets. The new house was treated a bit rough by the previous tenants, but the elbow grease is so worth it.

Oh and before I forget the gorgeous new (to me) blog that's got me spending most of my free time surfing it;

A Fanciful Twist
So many amazing photos and artsy projects, worth a look (or several days perusing the archives in my case)

And be sure to check out her list of favorite blogs for even more inspiring prettiness.

For now I'll be getting back to work,
pictures of my progress coming soon.
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