Monday, December 6, 2010

A New venture and a two week count down

So as if I did have enough on my plate with the book, the baby, my etsy shop, and setting up my new house; I've coerced my mother and sister into starting a new shop on etsy!
We're going to be selling scrapbook goodies, some digital some not. Plenty of cut outs and embellishments with custom orders always welcome. My sister and I will be designing digital scraps and I'm thinking about trying my hand and digital papers again. My mom will be putting her cricut and massive paper stash to good use and cutting fun shapes and words and such for adding a little kick to your paper layout. And my sister's going to make some cute felt embellishments.

Here's just one of my digi stamps (it's the only one I've got a completed example for that's ready for viewing, but there are more on the way)
The frame (minus the words) is my first ready to go digi stamp.
So what's the verdict, do you like it?

We'll also be setting up a blog (where I will be posting from time to time). Both the Shop and the Blog are under the same name : Those Crafty Girls. We look forward to seeing you at our new venture!

And just two weeks till the new baby arrives!!
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