Saturday, March 14, 2009

Almost Famous

Out of curiosity or maybe just boredom I googled my name. not my actual name but my screen name voodoomaggie and imagine my surprise when I found that there were 425,000 results. Now they weren't all for me. But the majority of them were, I found all the sites I regulary update (etsy, Deviant Art, myspace,etc.) But what was more pleasantly surprising was to find my works on social bookmarking site like ans something called wists where people can make an internet wide wishlist. I'm so excited that my efforts are starting to pay off.

In other news I'm busily crocheting some fruits and veggies for my commission from the vp of Gorbella's I've got the pears done and 1 of the corns, and my daughter has demanded a pink pear. :)
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  1. Hey, look...I read your blog! :-)
    I like reading your journals on dA, they crack me up!
    It's true that the phenomenon of blogging does drive up traffic to your Web site.

    Good luck!!
    Lee Anne (pixelwitch on dA)

  2. Thank you, and thanks for reading my blog too :) It has definitely help me get traffic.