Monday, March 16, 2009

Bunnies on the brain

I don't know if it's because Easter is fast approaching or just because I'm nuts but lately all the projects I want to do are of bunnies, I've been drawing them and searching for them on Deviant Art like crazy. But the upshot is I have plans in the works for dress up dolly bunnies with different clothes and accessories so my kids will be thrilled. My bunny girl of previous post is a bit of a wash, she's all finished but for some reason I hate her so I'm posting her picture. I'm also thinking of dipping her in gravy and feeding her to the neighborhood dogs :)

And an update on my veggie comish, I've got at least one of everything I've been asked for now I just have to finish the multiples.

When I'm done with them I've got some artsy minis in the works as well
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