Friday, March 20, 2009

A bad case of the blahs

So I haven't posted in few days, mostly because I've been feeling blah about everything. My sales have tapered off (that's what I get for not putting any new patterns in my shop) and I was having a hard time thinking of anything to do. But I woke up today feeling better, my plants are sprouting ,it's sunny and warm and I have ideas vying for space in my brain. So all is right in my world once again and I have a list of projects I want to do.
In no particular order, here they are :

Big bad wolf/ three little pigs mini

Bunny in a carrot kayak mini

Interchangeable bean bag babies

felted notebook covers

lambs (for easteriness)

various felted pouches

and at some point I plan on working on a contest entry for The Artisan Crafts Club on DA'
flower contest

Oh and I did finish my commission of fruits and veggies

And this is what I worked on yesterday, I'll probably write up the pattern soon...and give another leg :)
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