Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Little Bee...bzz

So it seems I'm never going to have to be the lazy bum I'm used to being. I've got two projects half made, a million filling up my notebooks, And another in the wings that came through thanks to Gorbellas I've been commissioned to make a bunch of fruits and veggies for a play kitchen, and for a raffle where the people in attendance will be given my business cards (guess I should hurry up and make some huh?) In addition to the raffle she also heads up a couple of mom based clubs who she'll be giving my info to. Hurah for free advertising and I guess charity really does pay off. Here's my works in progress>
Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen it amputee bunny and decapitated bee. Aren't they sweet?

oh and before i forget, I've a new deal going in my etsy shop. If you suggest a pattern and I make it you get 50% off the purchase price of said pattern. Woot!
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